Swinging Sledgehammers

by Blvd Of Death

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Recorded by Leandro Ando Ferraiuolo & Seb Di Martino
Mixed & Mastered by Leandro Ando Ferraiuolo @ Till Deaf Recording Studio


released January 10, 2018

Edo - mic
Massimo - guit
Ivan - drums


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Hcpp Records est. 2017

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Track Name: E.P.E.
By convenience they shake hands. I got mye eyes open I'm aware of all that crap, don't come to me I don't want to take part, I know who are my friends and no who are not. I never need them for anything I've done, but sure I know I got their back no matter what.
I prefer to do my shit on my own thats my wrap, don't need their help to clean my shit.
I'll take the bullet when's my beef and not them, anyone is someone with friends to front, but how is that real deal when you are alone?
You got nothing but bullshit words.
Track Name: Swinging Sledgehammers (feat. Keith Freeman)
Through a dream I see my reality, these are my memories, broken dream too late to get fixed, scars on my body show you how it feels. Will you ever care? Don't pretend cause ain't no real. If you can't understand, don't even ask, prayers ain't heard right now.
All your lies on me I'm the one you need to blame for all your sins, I'll carry your demons as mine under my skin, drop the hammes cause I'm still alive and I'll still breath.
While you hide behinds those values never live.
Track Name: Let The Rats Run
Let the rats run.
In packs never alone, one by one it's too old, you once call me coward but I never did run. I stayed, I'm still here and you all already gone. Let the rats run, this mess should be cleaned, them ain't welcome no more. I stayed, I'm still here and you all already gone, let the rats run.
I don't need no more proof, It's been clear enough. Let the rats run.
Track Name: Love Song / Burst of Lies
You said it will last forever, till death do us apart toether, I hope it last for better, I wish you don't regret it. Good luck, goodbye.

Come tell me something new, that I haven't hear about, because ain0t something new, I knew it, it was about time...
Everything comes and show up, nothing can't be hide. The time just fucking expired, stop the fucking lies. I gave you a chance to come clean, was easier to ignore it, can't you think? It's pretty clear trust don't mean a shit to you, now you're on your own, you mean nothing to me.
Forgiveness has touch it's toll, I'll not overlook the facts anymore.

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